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In this playlist you'll find some starting tips on how to use IRIN (Press CC for subtitles)

Record audio into irin (new feature in version


 Now you can record sound into irin and use it as an input (I.e. you don’t need to load external sound files).

1 - Open Sample Editor Window
Set a duration and click the “New sound file” button

Create Sound Files

2 - Save it anywhere on your computer...


...and it will be immediately available on irin's sound files list as an empty file. Click on it to select it for recording.

Display Units

3 - Press “Arm” adjust the input level of your microfone..

Start Recording an area to record on and press “Start Recording”. Recording will stop automatically at the end of the selection unless you stop it manually.


4 -  Each time you record something the file is updated and saved in the background.

[Plese make sure you are recording into the created file and not into a file that you had already. Recording is a destructive operation and irin auto-saves the files in the backgroung after each recording]






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