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IRIN 3.1.4

10 June 2024

  • Fixed an issue related to sample colours for projects using more than 16 audio files.
  • Fixed and issue in the Slicer tool where the last slice could’nt  be selected with the mouse
  • Fixed an issue where sample representation was  limited to 1000 pixels wide

New: Sample editor shows sample duration according to transposition parameter

IRIN 3.1.3

02 June 2024

Bug Fixes

  • In Sample Editor, fixed a problem causing the 4 vertical buttons for Amplitude/Filter/Panning/Plugin not to work properly.
  • The “Amplitude Envelope” label was changed to “Envelopes”


IRIN 3.1.2

27 May 2024

Plugin Matrix set to dial mode (volume control per output)


  • Fixed an issue preventing Slicer to set a root value for new samples 
  • Fixed Slicer window display issue
  • Fixed Left Output of  VST 6 (was disconnected)
  • Fixed shortcut to play samples in sample editor (Key P)


IRIN 3.1.1

08 May 2024


  • Quick record input from timeline corrected
  • Addressed an issue causing clicks while Playback for long samples with delay 
  • Auto select track 1 on startup or “new” file command
  • Timeline Editor Shows the name of the selected Plugin


IRIN 3.1

29 April 2024

  • New: Option to Reverse envelopes in Sample Editor
  • New: Record to Timeline Function [from the Sample Editor keyboard, or external midi keyboard: Press the red "Rec" buton in the Timeline, start Playback, play the keyboard in "playback" mode. There's also a new tool to automatically assign diferent delay times to each sample while playback for recording]
  • New: Alert before recording into buffer
  • New: option to edit delay times in the Timeline sample Editor



  • Update the Timeline view of samples modified by Sample timeline editor tool
  • Corrections and Improvements in QuickRecord [Receiving audio from all buses, record/playback line]


22 April 2024

  • Sample editor window float button (stay on top)
  • Solved issue preventing auto stop recording in sample editor
  • Input/Record: auto save when recording reaches end of selection (not stoped manually)
  • Recall button (arrows)  in sample editor is now attached to playback line, showing the selected sample


21 April 2024

New feature
Now you can record sound into irin and use it as an input (I.e. you don’t need to load external sound files)
[check out how this works here]

Bug corrections

  • Issue related to “Root” display in sample editor after changing timeline events with the timeline editor new tool
  • Bounce Audio level issue corrected

IRIN 3.0.9

Note: when the word SAMPLE is written in italic (Sample) it refers to Irin’s Sample Object, and not to audio samples (as in sample rate)



  1. The Envelope Area now features 4 envelopes: Amplitude (existed before), Filter, Panning and Plugin send.
  2. The filter envelope will act as an interpolator between 2 different filter settings (labeled as “Filter 1” and “Filter 2” of a chosen filter.
  3. Plugin sends can be assigned to samples and the respective send amount controlled by an envelope. There are 8 slots available to place plug-ins.
  4. The keyboard is a bit bigger, and now pressing a key doesn’t start sample playback automatically unless you put it in Playback mode, by pressing the “Playback” button. This allows the assignment of transposition values without having always to playback the sample). Additionally, a slider to define the “root” key of your sample (I.e., the original pitch of your sample) was added. This was missing in IRIN and it’s actually a standard in samplers since always😃.
  5. Finally, as a courtesy for those that, like me, don’t have perfect pitch, a small tool is provided to play a simple tone of the currently selected pitch on the “root” slider. This is intended to help you find more quickly the pitch of your sample thus defining it as the “root”.


 The Audio settings panel has a new area: Plug-ins. For now, there are some limitations in what concerns Plugin usage:

  1. There are 8 available slots to load plug-ins
  2. The output of each plug-in (stereo) can be mapped with a matrix into up to 16 loudspeakers
  3. Plug-in parameters are defined manually and cannot be changed by timeline events.
  4. Each sample has only one send, so you can’t use several plugins in the same sample
  1. Because Editing just the amplitude of single events on the Timeline is useful (without going through Figure Editor or Meso-Structure) a new tool for this is now available.
  2. Samples with Plugin will be displayed as rectangles with white frame.
  3. Now it is possible to add new samples to selection by holding SHIFT . Click-drag to select multiple (as before) then press shift and click ou drag to continue selecting samples
    MesoStructure MS1
  4.  To better focus on details, now it’s possible playback only selected samples, just press “solo selection” button before hitting the playback button or the spacebar.
    Solo selection
  5. Info area on the Timeline now reports idle mouse position (ms/pos/MIDI).
    Display ength
  6. Option (Alt) Click on the timeline loads the nearest Figure / MesoStructure / OffspringFigure into their Editor Window.tmlselect
  1. Irin can now play as a slave to Reaper.
    in Reaper, go to settings->Control/OSC/web and click on “Add”. Choose OSC, Then “Device IP/port [send only]”, and enter a port (e.g 9000) and Set the device IP to [localhost]
  2. In IRIN , enter the same.port number and press the button “Slave to Reaper” to let Reaper control Irin.

Note: selection playback loop is not available in slave mode


TIMELINE display issue: Because of max issue related to the LCD object (used for the main irin Timeline) The duration of irin projects will be limited to 35 minutes. Timeline Zoom in and out view buttons will also be disabled. This is a temporary thing, just until I figure out how to solve it.
To see this error, just put something at the beginning of the Timeline, then scroll until you reach 36 min… your initial timeline events will appear again. It seems that LCD object has a modulo operator attached to sprite coordinates...

Offspring Figures wrong Display: Fixed several issues preventing figures, Meso structures and OffspringFigures to be correctly rendered in the timeline after being changed and saved in their Editors
Fixed issue related to outputsig shift operator

Other minor issues were solved…




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